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Eliza Dushku [ADD EFFECTS] Awards

GOLD - randisayrelax

I loved this entry so much, it is hard to describe every single point about it. I loved the effects, the colors, the font, the stroke. Amazing, breathtaking job.

SILVER - _epilogue

Catherine, do you ever make a bad graphic? I think the answer to that question is no because like all other entries you've ever submitted, this one shines just as much. Very beautiful.

BRONZE - wild_dreamer

I loved the effect you used on the base image that I provided as well as the colors of the brushes you used. The text, although plain, is simply elegant and that sets off the rest of the graphic's beauty. Great job!

HONORABLE MENTIONS - elation and vel0ur

Adri - The blue was gorgeous! It seems like it was highlighted in all the right places and I love the pattern you used on top. Font lovely as well.

Trista - Fan of Tru Calling? Loved the green, loved the subtle Tru Calling across the base image, and the stroke was awesome too. Great job.

BEST COLORS - desuete

The colors on this blew me away. I thought that deserved an award, so here you go!

BEST FONT - geniegirl19

The font you used, guh, with the background behind it. As the Spanish say, muy bonita. Glad to have you back!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE! This was awesome. Very hard to pick winners and I appreciate all the entries.
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