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Winners, Without Awards

Turns out my computer is crapping insane and randomly restarts itself whenever it pleases, mainly when my desktop comes up and it is impossible to even try and get work done, which means no Photoshop and which means no awards. Looks like a pricey trip to MicroCenter or CompUSA. Sigh.

So I swear, on my grave, that once the computer is fixed I will be able to make all the winners listed below awesome awards.

Thank you all for being incredibly patient and for voting for the Viewer’s Choice. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for all the participation!

(LJ is being stupid and isn't letting me put in the usernames for easier recognition of the winners)

Challenge 27 – Rocker Chicks
Gold - Trista
Silver - Katie
Bronze - Laura
Honorable Mentions - Samantha
Viewer’s Choice - Trista

Challenge 28 – Mandy Moore: Add Effects
Gold - Kemorine
Silver - James
Bronze - Anita
Honorable Mentions - Trista
Viewer’s Choice - Leslie
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