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Starting Date: March 6, 2004

Ending Date: March 13, 2004

Rules: You may do anything to these images you want, except adding more BENJAMIN MCKENZIE (ACTOR, "The O.C.") pictures or pictures of another person. Brushes are FINE as is transparency! I love cool fonts as well. Colorizing this black and white pick would be awesome too.

Submitting: Either submit to femmefatale597@optonline.net or post the LINK below. NEW! If you post the link below please post the actual entry and the URL of the entry, so I can put together polls for voting.

Naming: Name the graphic 029-LJUSERNAME.

I know it's been awhile, but for some good news. My computer is officially fixed. Photoshop has some kinks to work out, but I was able to use PSP and put together an Add Effects Challenge that will tide everyone over. Thank you all for being so patient and thank you Katie (geniegirl19) for making and putting up awards while I couldn't. It meant a lot.

All right, so good luck. Get those entries in so we can get the ball rolling in this community again!
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