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We have a problem here. There are two things.

1) Life is a little busy for me to say the least. I have a lot of stuff going on whether it be school related, family related, and friend related. So it is very clear to me that either I request help from a co-moderator or I put the community on hiatus for awhile. If anyone is willing to be a co-mod, this is what the duties would include:

-Post entries once they have been submitted
-Post poll for Viewer's Choice unless they don't have a paid account
-Put up the awards that I have made for the winners
-Remind members of upcoming due dates, etcetera.
-Other stuff that I might need help with.

I do not have any specific requirements for being the co-mod with me. I just hope that you are a member of the community that occasionally enters the challenges and that you are willing to help me out. E-mail me at femmefatale597@optonline.net if you are interested.

2) There has not been a good turn out in challenges. This last challenge (Benjamin McKenzie - Add Effects) had a total of five entries. Five. Before this, there was a good turnout for the Mandy Moore - Add Effects and a not so hot turn out for Rocker Chics, which only had seven entries. The participation level has to get up there so that the time that I try to put into the community is worthwhile.

So after the awards for Challenge 29 are put up and the Challenge 30 is posted, I have to have ten entries for awards to be given out. If there's not, then this community probably won't last. That would be really upsetting because I love seeing the creativity that everyone comes up with.

If everybody is willing to make changes, then I am willing to put my time in. We'll see how it goes.

GOLD - gracefulreverie

SILVER - desuete

BRONZE - natatree




STARTING DATE: Wednesday, March 24, 2004

ENDING DATE: Tuesday, March 29, 2004

RULES: Take pictures given and make a graphic of Alexis Bledel [ACTRESS, Gilmore Girls, Tuck Everlasting] Blending, brushes, strokes and other effects are up to you. Use only the pictures provided.

SUBMISSION: Either submit to femmefatale597@optonline.net or post the LINK below.

NAMING: Name the graphic 030-LJUSERNAME

Any scans at:
Visions of Alexis Bledel

If you need more scans, please leave a comment and I will find some decent ones. </div>

Thanks so much for your time!
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