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quick intro

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself since Kat gave me posting access to help her out here. My name's Laura and you may or may not know me as the mod of gg_challenge (which I think you should all go join). I'm 26, married, and have a wonderful son. I'm energetic, crazy, and tend to babble on as you will soon notice. I'm really excited to help out here since I think running communities is insanely fun.

Anyway, Kat and I were talking about how to make this community better since there seems to be a lack of participation lately. One way was to introduce more structure to the community, like having set dates for entering and results like most other communities do. Hopefully this will help keep people on top of when to enter so they don't forget (like I do). This will be instated sometime after the 10th, when the lovely mod gets back from her holidays.

Also, any other suggestions that would help make this community better would be greatly appreciated. Things such as how to increase the participation level.

I don't think we have a lot of entries for the Alexis Bledel challenge yet so the deadline will be extended until APRIL 10th. So get your graphics in before then.
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